Feilding Dog Training Club

Feilding Dog Training Club

Competition Obedience


Competition Obedience is currently instructed by Libby and Wayne Ellery. Libby and Wayne work towards creating obedience dogs who are well balanced and engaged in their work. Using the foundations and teachings of English dog trainer Kamal Fernandez alongside their own experiences of training and competing. 

Libby's foundation class aims towards creating dogs that are balanced and engage from their rear end giving them an extended natural gait, following the style of many English dogs.

Wayne's class caters towards people who have already begun competing or prefer the New Zealand style of heel work. Refining dog position and handling techniques, including foot work and body language.


Libby Ellery, tel 323 4230 (a/h) email: libbyellery@xtra.co.nz
Wayne Ellery, tel 323 9024 (a/h) email: wayneellery@xtra.co.nz




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