Feilding Dog Training Club

Feilding Dog Training Club

Essential Skills

First and foremost most people want their dog to be a good family pet. The Feilding Dog Training Club Essential Skills training focuses on giving you and your dog the best start to help you build a relationship with your dog that will help you to make your future with the club a fun and enjoyable experience for you both.

All dogs are different, learn at different rates and have different levels of arousal for many different things. Our Essential Skills course teaches you to identify and work with what you have, building your dog’s motivation through fun games and heaps of rewards.

All the options we offer further down the training track will be significantly easier for both student and instructor once you have mastered an understanding of how to train, not necessarily what to train – the “what” can be trained later on.

When graduating this class you will have learned how to teach your dog to walk on a loose lead, come right up to you when called, take a treat without mugging your hand, go to his mat/bed and stay there as well as some other behaviours which will build a solid foundation for future training.

We hope you enjoy your time in this class and decide to stay on with our club to participate in some of the enjoyable activities we have to offer you and your dog.

Where to from here?

Once you have mastered your Essential Skills you are then well prepared to move on to one or more of the specialised areas offered by the club.


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